So we’ve all been told exposure to light is supposed to be bad for our skin right? Well, that isn’t necessarily always true. UVA and UVB are very damaging to our skin, however with the right amount of red, blue, and infrared light our skin can become re-energised.

LED Phototherapy (from Dermalux) is a skin treatment which exposes the skin cells to low levels of these light energies. The re-energisation of the cells allow for faster cell regeneration, giving a younger healthier look to any skin. Think of it like a plant going through photosynthesis; energy is gathered from these light sources to help the cell reproduction and repair in the most natural way. This process is known as photobiomodulation.

What does this mean on a cellular level? Well the mitochondria is responsible for the vast majority of ATP (energy) production in our cells, however if the cell is damaged through injury or trauma, its production levels of ATP significantly decrease. Scientists have discovered that cells exposed to the right frequencies of infra-red light cause a resurgence in the mitochondria’s production of ADP which then link with free oxygen singlets in our cells to get that vital ATP back to work on repairing the skin.

LED treatments are particularly good for acne, rosacea, pigmentation, and building skin density, especially when done in a series. Each treatment is specifically calculated for your individual needs. We use LED post micro-needling, but it can be added to compliment any treatment.

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