I wanted to take a moment to thank a few people.  I get that this is totally gratuitous, but Mortar & Milk did not happen on it’s own, and Nick and I relied incredibly heavyily on a solid group of people, so I want to take a moment to thank them…..right here, right now.  I will start with family and then move forward alphabetically.


Jackie and David Roberts (my children): they lift me up everyday and remind me that I’m not that special. Now that may sound horrible, but it’s actually a good thing. Without them, I am utterly lost.

Jacqueline Walker: While not with us anymore, and not since I was 8 years old, my mom taught me what it feels to be loved. I have tried to replicate that feeling in my life, and sometimes that’s been hard.  But the loss of her is what propels me to do what I do.

Nicholas Marshall:  I mean, it’s obvious.  He’s my partner in crime, in life, in music and in this business. My best friend and my biggest cheerleader.

Jammy (you are my third child, and we are running parallel lives in two different industries. Thank you for loving me, Jackie and David and for protecting us when we needed it most. We got this.), Nord, Aaron, Maddie, Trey, Taylor, Casey, Stevie, Josh and Brent: no explanation needed, the love is profound. You know what you did and I am forever grateful to you all. Through tragedy we found peace.

Jack, Matt, Margret, Maureen, Ashley, Bella, Reagan, Hartley and Carl for loving me even though I moved away. I think about all of you every single day. I miss my kids, and I miss my siblings so much.

Annie, Greg, Hana, Gabe, Ben, Gus and Babette for making me smile every single day. For an incredibly funny sense of humour and for reminding me that we are all not that special.  And first and foremost for showing that I can do anything, as long as I have a little bit of courage.  These people are courage trailblazers.

David, Jane, Louis, Ella and Glen: My new family members who loved me and this idea because you just knew it was right.

Wendeline and Marina: If people only knew how we behaved when no one is paying attention. You allowing me into your lives when I didn’t fit the mould was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Friends for life.


Carlotta Kulle: Thank you for saving my life oh so long ago. Your actions began the train of healthy Pam. I didn’t like it at the time, but you cared and I love you for that.

Caroline Hirons: Your texts are hilarious. You helped me jump REALLY early on and continued to say keep jumping, and don’t take crap from anyone. Thank you for all those private texts where you made me laugh my ass off. Also, very importantly, thank you for believing in me and for letting me cry when I just needed to cry.

Heather Peterson and Deb Ewen: We raised our kids together, through laughter and tears. Good lord I’ll never forget that or you. The impact you two made on my life lives with me every day. MUAH!

Lori Yee and Myra Leone came into my life when I was 19. I was young and naive and they taught me how to grow and evolve. They are my closest and most loving friends. For a girl who lost her mother very young, they taught me how to be a woman. My love for you runs deep.

Michelle, Kristine, Chrissy, Rhonda and Paul: for childhood friendships I wouldn’t change for the world.

Paul Marsh, Vaishali Parmar and Abigail Smith: The world brings magical people, and you my friends, remind me that there are amazing people that will help you, even when it means cleaning a  store at midnight. I love you three so very much.

There is one company (i.e. group of amazing women) that helped make this whole thing possible. Yes, without them, I could have still opened Mortar & Milk; but with them I made a much stronger business. Sally Durant Consultancy is the single best clinical aesthetics training course I’ve ever known. I re-trained with them and the knowledge I gained is immeasurable. It is Sally and Sue that gave me the tools to help people. That’s really hard to explain, but my whole goal is to help people and solve their problems. We are not a factory and everything we do is totally bespoke. Sally Durant taught me how to be a better clinician. She’s the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to skin. I love them all so much.

Ruth and Sofie: I can’t explain my words for you. The universe knew I had to find the right people, and gave you to me. Nick and I are nowhere without you two.

Tina, Greg, Norma, Natalie, Jeff, Marygrace and Michael (the Gwalior Road gang): this gorgeous group of friends are all from the same road in Putney, a road we used to live on. They listened, listened and listened more….and never once complained….even though I am sure they were so fed up with hearing about Mortar & Milk. They listened for 2 years folks! TWO WHOLE YEARS. They are saints. They are also amazing friends and I am always so grateful that they keep us included in everything even though we’ve moved away.

Tracey Woodward: Thank you so much for my first job in this country, and thank you for guiding me in this crazy business we call beauty. Also, thank you for reminding me that I didn’t need anyone’s help—that we could do it on our own. I didn’t want to listen at first, but you were spot on.

Zara Merrick and Gavin Reay: these two are fundamental to the opening of our little space in Fulham. They spent hours with us in a cold empty box of a place, measuring, photographing, creating ideas, challenging ideas, laughing and of course watching me cry. Anyone who has been in the shop will also see Zara’s artwork. She creates those beautiful birds that we have hanging on our retail floor wall. If you haven’t seen it, you must. They held our hands through this whole process and I love them so much for that. And sat with us every Friday night at the Gwalior Road Friday Night Early Doors evenings, listening to us run through ideas, voice our frustrations, and generally talk non stop about Mortar & Milk.

I love you all so much! xxx