The Lip Complex fans hath spoken! And they say it’s the tits! 👄 ..and we agree!

Lip Complex has garnered somewhat of a cult following since its release last Summer but we think it’s still being slept on 😴

Don’t take our word for it, the reviews are in. Lip Complex is available from our website. (click link here)

Thank you to all our followers who sent us their reviews! Xx


“Heaven in a tube!”

“Great in its own or as a gloss over other lip products”

“It’s addictive!”

“Unique texture, not to thick, not too thin”

“Layers like a dream”

“Lip Complex is the best lip product I’ve ever used”

“Goes on perfectly feels amazing”

“Gives the most amazing hydration”

“No sticky feeling!”

“So hydrating for my dry winter lips”

“My new go-to lip product!”