We spend a lot of time on here highlighting product, but the backbone of our business is our consultation and treatments. It’s about time to give them some insta love. Over the next few weeks we will be highlighting different clients and their journeys. This is Madeleine Spencer, founder of Madeleineloves.com, former beauty director of InStyleUK, freelancer to so many major mags, and amazing make up artist. This journey also made a great friendship, for that I am eternally grateful.

In her words: “As a beauty journalist, I’ve been promised the earth by experts and told that products will ‘work wonders’ over the years – though nothing I did, from lasers to using extortionate serums, seemed to keep my acne at bay. But then I met Pam. She has an astounding ability to both firefight immediate problems and look at skin over the longterm with incredible results. After my first session with her, I followed her advice incorporating skincare, habits, and supplements to the letter – and my spots retreated, leaving only patches of redness and scarring in their wake. Six months later, and my scars have all but disappeared, and my skin is juicy, resilient, and able to weather the odd spot without too much of a fuss. I recently went on holiday and elected to wear no make-up most evenings. This was completely liberating – I have never since turning 14 felt comfortable to wear no make-up out in public. Believe me when I tell you that she is uniquely gifted and my go-to whenever something weird is going on with my skin (sorry, Pam!). “