Reiki, the Japanese healing technique, has been around since 1922 and is formed from the two Japanese words Rei (God’s Wisdom) and Ki (life force energy). Combined, this creates the practice of spiritually guiding one’s life force energy to treat the body, mind, and soul.

While being a spiritual practice, reiki is not a religion. This means that the results and practice can effect everyone, independent of their belief system. Ki is the property that animates and supports the organs and tissues in our body, so through a process of hands-on healing, a reiki practitioner is able to guide the Ki to help any blockage or disruption that may be causing pain or illness.

This non-invasive technique has grown in popularity as more and more people experience the positive effects of Reiki. We at Mortar & Milk as so lucky to have Georgiana Monckton, Reiki Master Practitioner, join us Mondays to offer her services! She has 17 years of experience in the field which has allowed her to combine traditional Reiki with other natural healing therapies.

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