We were included in Professional Beauty’s article on gut health. I cannot stress enough that our gut is the gateway to our skin (and so many other things…it is called our second brain for a reason). If the gut is unhappy, the skin is unhappy. I always recommend probiotics and a healthy diet (my mantra is “if it’s made with love, eat it. If it’s not, don’t”) to get to better skin health.

If you consider from the day you were born to this moment in time how many hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, preservatives, sugar etc. have entered your body, it’s probably a lot. Our digestive system was never created to deal with it all, and so it’s in constant battle. Good bacteria calms the gut, heals the colon, and creates clearer skin….amongst many other great things they do.

I always recommend 30-50 billion cultures daily to begin with. It helps calm acne, rosacea, eczema, and inflammatory skin. Thank you Georgia Seago for bringing gut health to light.


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