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    for Dry Skin, Luscious Lips, & Glossy Bits…


    Multi-Award Winning Multi-Use Balm. Famous for its long lasting moisturising effect.


    Gloriously thick and ultra hydrating. One product, one ingredient, 100’s of uses.



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    Medical Grade Lanolin
    Lanolin is arguably the worlds’ best natural moisturizer. Infamous for over 100‘s of years for its long lasting moisturising effect & bio compatibility with the human skin. Made from Australian free roaming sheep’s wool. Shorn in the summer months to keep them cool. The wool is first rinsed in China mainly for the textile industry and the by product is called Lanolin. The Lanolin is then cleansed again from environmental polutants. There are several different grades of Lanolin depending on the level of cleansing. We use ultra pure Lanolin that is of medical grade standards and is approved for use in medical applications. It’s basically the rolls royce of lanolin.

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