Food-Grown Vitamin D


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    Essential for your child’s growth and development, our natural food-grown Vitamin D supports healthy bones, strengthens the immune system and supports healthy sleep.


    Key Benefits

    Your child’s recommended daily dose
    Provides the officially recommended 10ug (400iu) daily intake of Vitamin D for your child.


    Optimises immunity
    Strengthens and protects your child’s immune system, playing a vital role in their body’s resilience against infection and promoting year-round immune stability.


    Supports sleep cycles and mood
    Research shows low levels of Vitamin D are linked to disturbed sleep and low mood in both children and adults, and supplementation is therefore required during the darker months.


    Promotes healthy bones, teeth and muscles
    Increases your child’s calcium absorption to provide essential support for healthy bones and teeth, as well as muscle function.

  • Additional information


    Vitamin D3 in the form of highly bioavailable 1-25 ‘active’ D3

    Free from
    Added fillers or binders
    Artificial preservatives or colourings
    Wheat, gluten, rye, oats or corn
    Synthetic nutrients

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