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At Your Convenience

Loo Cleaner

500 ml

£8.00 £7.20

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  • Description

    Most other toilet cleaners release a myriad of non-biodegradable, mineral based, petrochemical derived toxins directly into the environment. By using our entirely natural ingredients, your bathroom and conscience will be left exceptionally clean. Roullier White’s At Your Convenience contains absolutely no harmful chemicals, making this lavatory cleaner people, pet, and planet friendly.

    Contains: Lime, a natural fruit acid that is entirely safe and effective against germs, bacteria, and lime scale.

    -No animal testing
    -No parabens, petrochemical or phosphates
    -No Sodium Lauryl Sulphate No synthetic colours or fragrances
    -No synthetic additives
    -No bulking agents
    -No chemicals

    All Mrs White’s products are carefully blended by hand with love in the English countryside.

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