In the recent months since opening, a lot has happened for Mortar + Milk; namely some wonderful reviews of our treatments. Pam Marshall, our co-founder and clinical aesthetician has received high praise from many including Debra Brock from Sali Hughes, Georgia Seago from Professional Beauty Magazine, and Arly from Detail Oriented Beauty.

Sali Hughes has offered a wonderful review of Brock’s two treatments at Mortar + Milk, mentioning that her skin was left “tighter, brighter, and the pores are less obvious” while her bespoke treatment “didn’t irritate my rosacea at all”. These treatments consisted of custom-tailored acids to target pigmentation and cauterize some pesky veins. We’re so happy to see that she’s pleased with her results and intends on coming back soon for a third treatment!

Another lovely review has been given by Georgia Seago in Professional Beauty Magazine focusing more on some lifestyle tips that she received from her consultation that have helped her fight everyday acne. Seago described her treatment as customized and personal, feeling “as though my skin had been given the attention it needed.”

And finally to Arly, we cannot say ‘Thank you’ enough for the incredible experience she shared on Detail Oriented Beauty. Discussing her fear and skepticism about facials before labeling her Mortar + Milk treatment as the “best facial ever” gave a ‘detail oriented’ (see what I did there?) account of everything she and Pam did/talked about to better treat her skin. We love to hear stories like this and couldn’t be happier that Arly “was over the moon” with her skin after coming in.

The support we’ve received has been incredible and we wanted to say ‘Thank You’ to everyone who has helped along the way. We love to hear your feedback about your Mortar + Milk experience, and look forward to seeing you in the store!