beauty_verified   How often do you wash your pillow case? 😬 Well, that squishy pal of yours could be giving you spots, according to @pamelanicolemarshall . Who is a clinical #aesthetician , and co-founder of @mortarandmilk Over the next three weeks, Pam will be sharing her top 3 tips on ‘How to be better with your skin’. This week, it’s WASH YOUR PILLOWS!!! ☁️ Pam is responsible for transforming complexions including @aliceliveing ‘s. She’s also a favourite of celebrities, and many a beauty editor. ✌🏻☺️ Truly honest and expert opinion – Pam is a hero when it comes to skin.


beauty_verified  If you want glowing skin it’s worth looking at the health of your gut, says #SkinExpert@pamelanicolemarshall (from @mortarandmilk ). Obviously a healthy diet is going to be essential but a probiotic could be your skin’s new best friend.