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By pam | Thursday 14 November 2019

I am so lucky to be able to have a voice in this world we called beauty. I feel honoured that I’ve been given this opportunity and there are so many people who have helped me get my voice out. Over the last year or so, I’ve really struggled with this industry. I have this […]

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Expert tips for your skin

By Nicholas Marshall | Saturday 9 March 2019

beauty_verified   How often do you wash your pillow case? 😬 Well, that squishy pal of yours could be giving you spots, according to @pamelanicolemarshall . Who is a clinical #aesthetician , and co-founder of @mortarandmilk Over the next three weeks, Pam will be sharing her top 3 tips on ‘How to be better with your skin’. This week, it’s WASH YOUR […]

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Cosmopolitan – From the editor

By pam | Tuesday 4 September 2018

There are times in your life where you just can’t believe where life takes you. I was the “other side of the tracks” girl growing up. I never really expected to be living in London even ten years ago. There’s so many things I didn’t expect, but so many amazing things that have happened. Mortar […]

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Skin Journey – Madeleine Spencer

By pam | Wednesday 29 August 2018

We spend a lot of time on here highlighting product, but the backbone of our business is our consultation and treatments. It’s about time to give them some insta love. Over the next few weeks we will be highlighting different clients and their journeys. This is Madeleine Spencer, founder of, former beauty director of […]

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Professional Beauty – Gut health and it’s effect on skin

By pam | Wednesday 22 August 2018

We were included in Professional Beauty’s article on gut health. I cannot stress enough that our gut is the gateway to our skin (and so many other things…it is called our second brain for a reason). If the gut is unhappy, the skin is unhappy. I always recommend probiotics and a healthy diet (my mantra […]

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The Telegraph – How to get rid of keratosis pilaris or ‘chicken skin’

By Mark Roberts | Friday 17 August 2018

We are in The Telegraph! Our very own skin guru Pam was interviewed on the topic of Keratosis PIlaris, also known as ‘Chicken Skin’, which is a harmless condition where small bumps appear on the skin. Read up on Pam’s recommendation from our very own Exuviance range to tackle this pesky condition and achieve smooth, […]

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Sunday Telegraph – Mortar & Milk

By pam | Wednesday 4 July 2018

One Sunday we got a call from my Mum in law saying we were in the Sunday Telegraph. We said, no you must be wrong. Are you sure? And she was. Obvi we had to run out and buy a paper. This little mention means the world to me. We get a lot of press about […]

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Mahara Mental Health Awareness Week

By pam | Friday 15 June 2018

There’s a Japanese custom called Kintsugi where the idea is to repair broken pieces of art by connecting them back together with gold or silver., because it’s still beautiful even though it’s been broken. I have been lucky enough to meet and treat Joshua Patterson over the last year and a half, and in that time […]

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Get Your Groove On Every Friday With Our Newest Treatment!

By david roberts | Saturday 17 March 2018

Formula #5 is here as our newest addition to our menu, at £130 for an hour and 15 minutes. This treatment is the perfect way to brighten dull and lack lustre skin. It will involve a double cleanse, papaya enzymes and either a clay or mud mask to prep the skin for a gentle mandelic […]

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The importance of LED

By david roberts | Wednesday 1 November 2017

By now you’ve probably heard of light therapy, but what exactly is it and does it truly work? Well, to start, LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, and yes it truly does work! But let’s dive a little deeper in to that. If you aren’t sure what we’re talking about, click here for a brief […]

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