About Us

About Us

Our Story

This space, these words, and our beautiful shop in Fulham come from a serious labour of love. There was a pinnacle moment in 2014 where I sat at a big store beauty event and thought “I can do this beauty thing better”. Or at least I can do it my way. I came home from that event and complained to my husband, our Creative Director (Nick), about how I was frustrated at how skincare was sold to customers. My therapist brain honestly just didn’t jive with the status quo.

The journey took us two years. We made a business plan and shopped it around, and ultimately we decided that is was us that needed to make it happen, so we did. The big job was to figure out how to create the perfect retail space and the perfect and most effective bespoke skin clinic–one where everyone feels at home but also where change actually happens.

We haven’t overloaded you with brands. We didn’t want to. It was a purposeful choice. We will grow, but we will not add brands just to add brands. Trust us, we’ve turned down some biggies already. They have to fit. They have to make us feel good.

Most importantly, they have to work. That’s the deal here, products have to not only fit our ethos, they have to work. Full stop. This is for our conscience, but mostly it’s for you.

But here we are…doors open on Fulham Road, and now doors open on this thing we call the internet. We hope that you find our voice. We hope that you enjoy our quirkiness. We hope that you learn something about skin, and more specifically about your skin. We hope that you feel comfortable…here…with us.

This space is your space, and your face is our face.  We hope you enjoy it!

Pam and Nick, Founders

Meet The Team

Pamela Marshall

Co-Founder, Managing Director, Clinical Aesthetician

The idea for Mortar & Milk came down literally to my frustration with the industry. I am remiss to say this because I am clearly one person, and who am I to say that the status quo is wrong?  It’s just wrong for me. Here in London, I have worked on the business side of the industry, consulting with brands in the luxury sector. In California, I owned my own clinic, giving bespoke treatments.

My thought has always been, where does the customer get the help that they need? That is the question the business plan was formed around. To this day, that has never changed. How can I make the customer experience better? There are many wonderful therapists out there, charging forth with that very question in mind. How do we ACTUALLY help people. I wanted to create a treatment space that took customers on a journey, but I also wanted to have a retail space with brands I love and believe in.

Our space is based on comfort, home, trust, a feeling of calm. I spent my childhood in the Santa Cruz mountains, being surrounded by Redwoods and a mum that was one of the true original hippies.  She was also ill, and her life was short, but she taught me so much about how to love….that feeling has never left me. I try to bring that experience to all of my clients, whether in my treatments back in California, or here in beautiful Fulham. Everyone is treated with dignity and respect, but the atmosphere is calm, friendly, and inclusive.

The nuts and bolts of it all is that I am a Level 4 Clinical Aesthetician. I trained in California, and retrained here in the UK. It was paramount to me that I retrained here, even though it wasn’t technically necessary. I needed to be able to say “yes, I am fully qualified in this country”. What I can say is that there are very few of us in this country, as the training is well above the norm, focussing solely on skin and the science of skin. I hope with my entire heart, that our space makes you happy. I know that our treatments are effective, and that your journey will be based on positive change, and along the way, I hope to educate you and make you smile.


Nicholas Marshall

Co-Founder, Creative Director

Having only wandered in to buy a pair of trousers, Nick was most surprised to find it wasn’t actually Mr Byrite but a Beauty Retail and Bespoke Skin Clinic. Imagine his surprise when unable to help him out with any trousers, they insisted he had to stay until he’d done all of their creative work as well. Luckily they all saw the funny side.

Born in the UK, I spent my childhood in Chicago, before moving back to the North East of England to finish school and then on to college outside of London.

I’ve worked in Design and Advertising, but for the last ten years of my career I’ve been specializing in fashion, beauty and luxury. My ethos is to apply luxury thinking and design to elevate every day brands to a more premium level. I’ve worked on global and pan European accounts, centralising design and creating guidelines and Viz ID for mainly Procter & Gamble portfolios, brands including Aussie, Max Factor, Herbal Essences, Dunhill and Lindt.

Mortar & Milk is a dream opportunity for me. On any given day I go from Creative Director to Brand Agency, Photographer, Video Editor, Head of DIY. You name it, I’ve watched the YouTube tutorial.

But more importantly, it gives me the chance to work on something that for once does exactly what it says on the tin, and doesn’t need world famous photographers, packaging design agencies and huge media spends to make a difference.

Mark Roberts

Marketing Manager

Originally from County Down in Ireland, I was a graduate student of media and journalism when I discovered a love for fashion and beauty. This led to a role as fashion stylist and makeup artist for TV, Film, music videos and concert tours. I was soon working for one of the worlds leading cosmetics brands when I discovered a passion for skincare. Over time that passion grew and I was employed as a national brand representative for a developing company based out of NYC. My training and knowledge grew as did my interest beyond superficial skincare quick-fixes, I became fascinated by cosmeceutical solutions for real results and this has led me to Mortar & Milk.

The ethos of our business is one I admire for its sincerity and principles. The quality of our bespoke services and dedication to our clients as individuals makes working at Mortar & Milk a place of pride and integrity. I am a total product junkie and love to try any new gadgets, potions and inventions this industry can think up. I love creativity, art, fashion, theatre, film, dance and pretty much any expression or use of imagination. I adore the travel experience, animals and love the gym.

Grace Wright

Operations Manager

As a local to Parsons Green and after struggling with my own skin as a young adult I came to Mortar & Milk a few years ago and have seen Pamela monthly from then on. With the extensive knowledge that everyone at the brand has and their “Acne is our B*tch” motto I knew I was in safe hands. Pamela and the team completely transformed my skin and self-esteem.

I previously have worked in medical research and prior to joining the Mortar & Milk family was at one of the worlds largest premium beauty companies where I worked alongside five brands in Brand Management.

Being able to work at Mortar and Milk as their Operations Manager really has been a dream come true for me. I am so happy to be working with such a beautifully wonderful team and helping all our clients learn more about their skin and love their skin as much as I learnt to.

Jesse Schmid

Senior Therapist

G’DAY MATE. All the way from Sydney Australia – I’ve had a genuine passion for skin. I started out in makeup about five years ago and did a certificate with an Australian company, from there I started assisting makeup artists on editorial shoots and weddings, what I continued to see was a poor sense of self for most people, I realised as a makeup artist I didn’t have the potential to change someone’s skin, only mask the issues underneath.

I always knew that my passion was for skin, but it took me another three years to find the course that would grow my understanding of skin. I am currently studying a bachelor’s degree in Aesthetics which not only covers practical training but has given me an in-depth understanding of skin-science. From understanding the primary biological function of the skin to the physiological mechanisms it uses to stay healthy and then chemical formulations for optimal skincare – I have gathered a well-rounded education that helps me teach others and treat their skin for the most experiential yet result driven treatments.

I love treating skin, it’s so rewarding taking someone on their skin journey and seeing positive changes. I love that I can help others feel truly beautiful in their own skin and feel relieved that there are products and treatments out there that work and will change their skin – proving that longevity in skin health is possible. The Ethos of Mortar & Milk is simple yet powerful, I love that the focus is to educate our clients but also build relationships and create a space for you where you can feel at home.

Samantha Jones

Senior Therapist

I come to Mortar & Milk all the way from Durban, South Africa! I have been living in London for the past eight years.

My passion for skin began aged forteen when I was gifted a skincare set for Christmas. I attained my Diploma in Beauty therapy six years ago and progressed by joining the Dermalogica team as a Skin Therapist and eventually Brand Ambassador. My time at Dermalogica gave me a strong platform to expand my knowledge and develop my craft which was incredibly rewarding. I was honoured to accept the title ‘Therapist of the Year’ in 2015. I have been fortunate to work in some of Londons premium Medi-Spas and been trained in some of the industry’s top brands and Aesthetic treatments.

I approach each client on a bespoke basis, as everyones skin is different, an ethos I share with the fabulous Mortar & Milk! I am thrilled to be joining this dynamic team and furthering my career, passion and knowledge with their amazing clients.

Marianne Grechko

Nutritional Therapist

Over the years I have worked in the fashion industry as a stylist, make-up artist and fashion blogger. Although it was my passion, I always felt there is so much more to looking well and feeling healthy. Thinking back retrospectively, at the time I had no clue how food and lifestyle affected my overall wellbeing. I remember always being tired, irritable, having painful periods, weight gain, inflamed acne and mood swings that became debilitating.

When I decided to get into the natural health industry six years ago, I quickly realised how much of our external wellbeing is dictated by the internal fine-tuned body functioning. The human body is beyond intelligent, it knows exactly how to maintain equilibrium, we just need to give it the right tools. As soon as I started taking care of myself; changing the diet, lifestyle and my thought pattern I saw tremendous improvements in my health. From there, nutrition became my heart’s passion, with an intention to support and educate other individuals on their health journey.

As a nutritional therapist, I have developed a deepened interest in mental and gut health, and how these two are inextricably connected. Research and experience has shown that most issues in the body arise from gastro intestinal system. I am equally passionate about hormonal health, skin health, energy and mindful eating.

From the moment, I walked into Mortar & Milk three years ago, instantaneously I fell in love with the space, the team and the ethos. It only made sense to accept Pam’s offer and start practicing here once I was a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist. I feel it is the space where 360-degree approach will easily be applied.



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